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Our Story

We are a new family owned lavender farm located in southeastern Idaho. We are currently growing five different varieties of lavender which are used to make an array of high quality lavender products.

In addition to selling lavender products, we aim to give you the opportunity to purchase lavender bundles for yourself, and even provide the opportunity to pick it.

In 2020 we purchased 11.47 acres to turn into a farm. Lavender appealed to us because of its natural medicinal properties. Lavender is naturally calming and boasts a host of health benefits which piqued our interest. We were interested further when we read about the hardiness of lavender plants. Southeastern Idaho can be a harsh place to live, but lavender thrives here, so it is the perfect plant for us.

School Bell Flower Farm is a new institution, finding its roots in 2021, though the idea was born in 2020. We too are new to the world of farming, but it runs in our blood on both sides of the family, and our passion for it makes up for our lack of experience.

Our flower farm is a family institution. All the work of farming is handled by us and our children, and most of our products are made in house. On any given day that you come visit us you are likely to see one of our grandchildren running around the property.

The name School Bell Flower Farm comes from a large old bell that can be found on the property. The bell has been a part of the property since 1984, and remains an important feature of the property to this day.